2016/2017: Best Adult Animation


Actually two winners will be awarded in this voting:
– the best animation of the last season
– the best new animation of the last season.

  • 01. (03.) Bob’s Burgers [FOX] (Season 7)
    02. (04.) F is for Family [FLX] ( Season 2)
    03. (02.) South Park [CC] (Season 20)
    04. (01.) Archer [FX] (Season 8)
    05. (08.) Family Guy [FOX] (Season 15)
    06. (06.) BoJack Horseman [FLX] (Season 3)
    07. (n/a) Jeff & Some Aliens [CC] (new)
    08. (n/a) Harmonquest [seeso] (new)
    09. (09.) American Dad! [tbs] (Season 13)
    Wildcard: Animals [HBO] (Season 2)
    Wildcard: Legend of Chamberlain Heights [CC] (new)
    Wildcard: Rabbids Invasion [nick] (Season 3)
    Wildcard: The Simpsons [FOX] (Season 28)
    Wildcard: TripTank [CC] (Season 2.2)


– productions that did not air at minimum 50% of their episodes between July 1st, 2016 and June 30th, 2017, because they ended (for example Gravity Falls [DXD]), were canceled (f.e. Golan the Insatiable [FOX] or The Awesomes [hulu]) or paused this season (f.e. Rick and Morty [swim] or Robot Chicken [swim]),

– productions that underperformed in this competition (f.e. Squidbillies [swim], Mr. Pickles [swim] and others),

– productions that didn’t air enough episodes/minutes (for example Dark Minions [a] in 2013/2014),

– productions that aren’t targeted at an adult viewership (for example We Bare Bears [CN], Adventure Time [nick], SpongeBob SquarePants [nick], Phineas and Ferb [disney], Steven Universe [CN], Uncle Grandpa [CN], Sanjay and Craig [nick] and others).

» FYI, the winners of recent years:

2015/2016: Archer [FX] + new: F is for Family [FLX]
2014/2015: Archer [FX] + new: BoJack Horseman [FLX]
2013/2014: Bob’s Burgers [FOX] + new: Golan the Insatiable [FOX]
2012/2013: Archer [FX] + new: Brickleberry [CC]
2011/2012: Futurama [CC] + new: Unsupervised [FX]
2010/2011: Archer [FX] + new: Bob’s Burgers [FOX]
2009/2010: Archer [FX] + new: Archer [FX]