2011/2012: Across-All-Genres Winners

Best Visual Design 2011/2012:

This award honors the visual elements of a production such as camera work, light arrangement, film editing plus other visual effects.

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Best Sound Design 2011/2012:

This award honors the audio elements of a production such as music selection, compositing, sound mixing or sound editing.
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Best Opening 2011/2012:

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Best One-liner 2011/2012:

Who had the best one-liners in the season of 2011/2012?

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Comeback of the Year 2011/2012:

Which comeback of a television serial or series made the biggest impact?

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Most Underrated Production 2011/2012:

The following productions have been canceled prematurely within the last season (2011/2012) and will not be coming back in 2012/2013. But which one of them will be missed the most?

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Hall of Fame Inductees 2012:

Rewarding its brilliance, the following television serials and series (airing at minimum partially since 2000) are getting the chance to join the Serieskiller Hall of Fame.

To get into the Hall of Fame the serial or series needs to be completed, have had more than one season and needs to get a “certain” amount of votes from fans and jury.

These are the results of 2012:

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=> Therefore the following tv serials/series are the first inductees into the Serieskiller Hall of Fame:

– Cheers [NBC]
– Malcolm in the Middle [FOX]
– Oz [HBO]
– Seinfeld [NBC]
– That 70′s Show [FOX]
– The Shield [FX]
– The Sopranos [HBO]
– The Wire [HBO]