2015/2016: Best Dramedy


BEST DRAMEDY 2015/2016:

Actually two winners will be awarded in this voting:
– the best comedy of the last season
– the best new comedy of the last season.
( | | ) = paused, (w/c) = wildcard, (n/a) = not available

  • 01. (02.) Orange is the New Black [FLX] (Season 4)
    02. (01.) Shameless U.S. [SHO] (Season 6)
    03. (n/a) Crazy Ex-Girlfriend [CW] (new)
    04. (n/a) Baskets [FX] (new)
    05. (n/a) Love [FLX] (new)
    06. (07.) Getting On U.S. [HBO] (Season 3)
    07. (05.) Der Tatortreiniger [NDR] (Season 5)
    08. (n/a) Mad Dogs U.S. [a] (new)
    09. (n/a) Casual [hulu] (new)
    10. (09.) You’re the Worst [FX] (Season 2)
    11. (10.) Girls [HBO] (Season 5)
    12. (04.) Jane the Virgin [CW] (Season 2)
    13. (n/a) Master of None [FLX] (new)
    14. (w/c) Detectorists [BBC] (Season 2)

    Wildcard: Donny [USA] (new)
    Wildcard: Gortimer Gobbin [a] (Season 2)
    Wildcard: House of Lies [SHO] (Season 5)
    Wildcard: Man Seeking Woman [FX] (Season 2)
    Wildcard: Maron [IFC] (Season 4)
    Wildcard: Married [FX] (Season 2)
    Wildcard: Survivor’s Remorse [starz] (Season 2)
    Wildcard: Togetherness [HBO] (Season 2)

– productions that did not air at minimum 50% of their episodes between July 1st, 2015 and June 30th, 2016, because they ended or were canceled prematurely, or paused this season (for example Episodes [SHO], Louie [FX] or Uncle [BBC]),

– productions that underperformed in this competition (Blunt Talk [starz], Dice [SHO], Faking It U.S. [MTV], Flaked [FLX], Galavant [abc], Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce [bravo], Grace and Frankie [FLX], Grandfathered [FOX], Grey’s Anatomy [abc], Lopez [TVL], Mr. Selfridge [ITV], Mohawk Girls [omni], Please Like Me [pivot], Rake [ABC1], Recovery Road [abcf], Scream Queens [FOX], Telenovela [NBC], The Grinder [FOX], The Jim Gaffigan Show [TVL], The Royals [E!], Sensitive Skin CA [HBO], Younger [TVL] and others) and

– productions that didn’t air enough episodes/minutes (Billy and Bille [DTV]).

» FYI, the winners of recent years:

2014/2015: Shameless U.S. [SHO] + new: Jane the Virgin [CW]
2013/2014: Shameless U.S. [SHO] + new: Orange is the New Black [FLX]
2012/2013: Louie [FX] + new: Legit [FX]
2011/2012: Shameless U.S. [SHO] + new: Wilfred U.S. [FX]
2010/2011: Misfits [E4] + new: Shameless U.S. [SHO]
2009/2010: Nurse Jackie [SHO] + new: Nurse Jackie [SHO]
2008/2009: Pushing Daisies [abc] + new: United States of Tara [SHO]
2007/2008: Californication [SHO] + new: Californication [SHO]
2006/2007: Weeds [SHO] + new: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip [NBC]
2005/2006: Desperate Housewives [abc] + new: Weeds [SHO]
2004/2005: Desperate Housewives [abc] + new: Desperate Housewives [abc]
2003/2004: Dead Like Me [SHO] + new: Dead Like Me [SHO
2002/2003: Gilmore Girls [CW] + new:n/a
2001/2002: Gilmore Girls [CW] + new: n/a
2000/2001: Ed [NBC] + new: Ed [NBC]
1999/2000: Freaks and Geeks [NBC] + new: Freaks and Geeks [NBC]