the awards

TV serials are series that rely on a continuing plot, which unfold in a sequential episode by episode fashion (…in Britain mini-series are known as serials). Typically they follow main story arcs that span entire seasons or even the full run of the series, which distinguishes them from traditional episodic television that relies on more stand-alone episodes.

Example: Episodics like “CSI”, “The Mentalist”, “House M.D.”, at this point even “The Good Wife” or “In Plain Sight” will be ignored in this competition.

A serial or series needs at least six parts in one season -except for productions, which episodes are extra-long- to be concidered for a nomination. The 90-minutes-per-episode serial Sherlock will be included due to its runtime (270 minutes per season) and because the serial-factor exceeds the series-factor.

Since 2013/2014 anthology serials (or often called mini-series) like “American Horror Story” or “True Detective” will be getting their own votings, but only if they are presenting a story arc over the whole season, if they run like a drama serial for at least 270 minutes per season and if there is the possibility for a return for another season in an anthological style.

“The Serieskiller Award” focuses on serials in the drama sections, where only productions with a bigger “serial” than “series” dramaturgy are nominated and are able to be voted for. Even though, this guideline does not apply to the comedic and comic categories.

A season starts in the summer (1st of July) and ends in the summer (30th of June). Every production that airs most of their season’s episodes in that season can be included in the votings.


For every poll, typically you will have 1, 3, 5 or 7 votes, in some occasions even more..
Chose wisely as your votes will represent 50% of the final result.
The remaining percents will be set by a jury of professionals of the television business.

Productions that are listed “wildcard” will not get any percents from the jury. They are threatened as underdogs and will only get a high ranking or even win an award, if they get almost every fan-vote. But please consider: Even if your favorite show is only part of the wildcard, keep in mind that we had good reasons to put it on that list.