2014/2015: Drama Winners

Because of the reconstruction of Serieskiller.com the votings will be disabled and the site will focus on rankings and maps.


Actually two winners have been awarded in this voting:
– the best drama of the last season
– the best new drama of the last season.

Procedural-dominant series are excluded.

( | | ) = paused, (w/c) = wildcard, (n/a) = not available

  • 01. (06.) The Americans [FX] (Season 3)
    02. (04.) Mad Men [AMC] (Season 7.2)
    03. (w/c) Halt and Catch Fire [AMC] (Season 2)
    04. (n/a) Manhattan [WGN] (new)
    05. ( | | ) Utopia [4] (Season 2)
    06. (08.) Boardwalk Empire [HBO] (Season 5)
    07. ( | | ) Rectify [sund] (Season 2)
    08. (02.) Game of Thrones [HBO] (Season 5)
    09. (10.) Justified [FX] (Season 6)
    10. (n/a) Better Call Saul [AMC] (new)
    11. (21.) Penny Dreadful [SHO] (Season 2)
    12. (09.) The Red Road [sund] (Season 2)
    13. (n/a) Fortitude [SKY] (new)
    14. (n/a) Transparent [a] (new)
    15. (14.) Bates Motel [A&E] (Season 3)
    16. (n/a) The Affair [SHO] (new)
    17. (n/a) The Knick [cine] (new)
    18. (03.) Masters of Sex [SHO] (Season 2)
    Wildcard: 1992 [SKY] (new)
    Wildcard: Arvingerne [DR1] (Season 2)
    Wildcard: Black Sails [starz] (Season 2)
    Wildcard: Bloodline [FLX] (new)
    Wildcard: Bosch [a] (new)
    Wildcard: Broadchurch [ITV] (Season 2)
    Wildcard: Extant [CBS] (new)
    Wildcard: Gomorrah [SKY] (new)
    Wildcard: Hell on Wheels [AMC] (Season 4)
    Wildcard: Homeland U.S. [SHO] (Season 4)
    Wildcard: House of Cards [FLX] (Season 3)
    Wildcard: Marvel’s Daredevil [FLX] (new)
    Wildcard: Peaky Blinders [BBC] (Season 2)
    Wildcard: Prófugos [HBO] (Season 2)
    Wildcard: Ray Donovan [SHO] (Season 2)
    Wildcard: Sons of Anarchy [FX] (Season 7)
    Wildcard: The Good Wife [CBS] (Season 6)
    Wildcard: The Leftovers [HBO] (new)
    Wildcard: Refugiados [Sexta] (new)
    Wildcard: The Walking Dead [AMC] (Season 5)
    Wildcard: Vikings [H] (Season 3)

» FYI, the winners of recent years:

2013/2014: Breaking Bad [AMC] (Season 5.2) + new: Masters of Sex [SHO]
2012/2013: Breaking Bad [AMC] (Season 5.1) + new: Rectify [sund]
2011/2012: Breaking Bad [AMC] (Season 4) + new: Homeland U.S. [SHO]
2010/2011: Game of Thrones [HBO] (Season 1) + new: Game of Thrones [HBO]
2009/2010: Breaking Bad [AMC] (Season 3) + new: Justified [FX]
2008/2009: Breaking Bad [AMC] (Season 2) + new: True Blood [HBO]
2007/2008: Mad Men [AMC] (Season 1) + new: Mad Men [AMC]
2006/2007: Dexter [SHO] (Season 1) + new: Dexter [SHO]
2005/2006: Six Feet Under [HBO] (Season 5) + new: Big Love [HBO]
2004/2005: The Wire [HBO] (Season 3) + new: LOST [abc]
2003/2004: The Wire [HBO] (Season 2) + new: Carnivàle [HBO]
2002/2003: The Sopranos [HBO] (Season 4) + new: The Wire [HBO]
2001/2002: Six Feet Under [HBO] (Season 1+2) + new: Six Feet Under [HBO]
2000/2001: The Sopranos [HBO] (Season 3) + new: Soul Food [HBO]
1999/2000: The Sopranos [HBO] (Season 2) + new: The West Wing [NBC]


Actually three winners have been awarded:
– the best female protagonist
– the best male protagonist
– the overall best protagonist,
depending on which one has more votes.

This award honors only the art of acting,
not the written characters.

  • 01. (06.) Penny Dreadful [SHO]: EVA GREEN as “Vanessa Ives”
    02. (01.) Game of Thrones [HBO]: PETER DINKLAGE as “Tyrion Lannister”
    03. (05.) Masters of Sex [SHO]: MICHAEL SHEEN as “Dr. William Masters”
    04. (29.) The Americans [FX]: KERI RUSSELL as “Elizabeth Jennings”
    05. (30.) Halt and Catch Fire [AMC]: SCOOT MCNAIRY as “Gordon Clark”
    06. (22.) The Americans [FX]: MATTHEW RHYS as “Phillip Jennings”
    07. (08*) Halt and Catch Fire [AMC]: KERRY BISHÉ as “Donna Clark”
    08. (n/a) Manhattan [WGN]: RACHEL BROSNAHAN as “Abby Isaacs”
    09. (n/a) The Knick [cine]: CLIVE OWEN as “Dr. John W. Thackery”
    10. (08.) Masters of Sex [SHO]: LIZZY CAPLAN as “Virginia Johnson”
    11. (n/a) Manhattan [WGN]: ASHLEY ZUKERMAN as “Charlie Isaacs”
    12. (15.) Mad Men [AMC]: ELISABETH MOSS as “Peggy Olson”
    13. (w/c) The Americans [FX]: NOAH EMMERICH as “Stan Beeman”
    14. (20.) Penny Dreadful [SHO]: RORY KINNEAR as “The Creature”
    15. (07.) Boardwalk Empire [HBO]: STEVE BUSCEMI as “Enoch ‘Nucky’ Thompson”
    16. (n/a) Better Call Saul [AMC]: BOB ODENKIRK as “Jimmy McGill”
    17. (n/a) The Affair [SHO]: RUTH WILSON as “Alison”
    18. (n/a) Penny Dreadful [SHO]: HARRY TREADAWAY as “Dr. Victor Frankenstein”
    19. ( | | ) The Village [BBC]: MAXINE PEAKE as “Grace Middleton”
    20. ( | | ) Rectify [sund]: ADEN YOUNG as “Daniel Holden”
    21. (12.) Game of Thrones [HBO]: MAISIE WILLIAMS as “Arya Stark”
    22. (17.) Mad Men [AMC]: JON HAMM as “Don Draper”
    23. (32.) Bates Motel [A&E]: FREDDIE HIGHMORE as “Norman Bates”
    24. (25.) Bates Motel [A&E]: VERA FARMIGA as “Norma Bates”
    25. (n/a) Marvel’s Daredevil [FLX]: VINCENT D’ONOFRIO as “Wilson Fisk”
    26. (18.) Homeland U.S. [SHO]: CLAIRE DANES as “Carrie Mathison”
    27. (09.) Mad Men [AMC]: VINCENT KARTHEISER as “Pete Campbell”
    28. (n/a) Better Call Saul [AMC]: JONATHAN BANKS as “Mike Ehrmantraut”
    29. (n/a) Transparent [a]: JEFFREY TAMBOR as “Maura Pfefferman”
    *Supporting Actress 2013/2014

    Wildcard: Arvingerne [DR1]: CARSTEN BJØRNLUND as “Frederik Grønnegaard”
    Wildcard: Black Sails [starz]: TOBY STEPHENS as “Captain Flint”
    Wildcard: Bloodline [FLX]: BEN MENDELSOHN as “Danny Rayburn”
    Wildcard: Bloodline [FLX]: KYLE CHANDLER as “John Rayburn”
    Wildcard: Broadchurch [ITV]: DAVID TENNANT as “DI Alec Hardy”
    Wildcard: Empire [FOX]: TARAJI P. HENSON as “Cookie Lyon”
    Wildcard: Extant [CBS]: HALLE BERRY as “Molly Woods”
    Wildcard: Fortitude [SKY]: RICHARD DORMER as “Dan Anderssen”
    Wildcard: Fortitude [SKY]: SOFIE GRÅBØL as “Gov. Hildur Odegard”
    Wildcard: Game of Thrones [HBO]: EMILIA CLARKE as “Daenerys Targaryen”
    Wildcard: Gomorrah [SKY]: MARCO D’AMORE as “Ciro di Marzio”
    Wildcard: Halt and Catch Fire [AMC]: LEE PACE as “Joe MacMillan”
    Wildcard: Halt and Catch Fire [AMC]: MACKENZIE DAVIS as “Cameron”
    Wildcard: Homeland U.S. [SHO]: MANDY PATINKIN as “Saul Berenson”
    Wildcard: House of Cards [FLX]: KEVIN SPACEY as “Francis Underwood”
    Wildcard: House of Cards [FLX]: ROBIN WRIGHT as “Claire Underwood”
    Wildcard: Justified [FX]: WALTON GOGGINS as “Boyd Crowder”
    Wildcard: Manhattan [WGN]: JOHN BENJAMIN HICKEY as “Frank Winter”
    Wildcard: Manhattan [WGN]: OLIVIA WILLIAMS as “Liza Winter”
    Wildcard: Orphan Black [BBC]: TATIANA MASLANY as “Sarah Manning and others”
    Wildcard: Peaky Blinders [BBC]: CILLIAN MURPHY as “Thomas Shelby”
    Wildcard: Sons of Anarchy [FX]: KATEY SAGAL as “Gemma Teller Morrow”
    Wildcard: The Affair [SHO]: DOMINIC WEST as “Noah Solloway”
    Wildcard: The Good Wife [CBS]: JULIANNA MARGULIES as “Alicia Florrick”
    Wildcard: The Knick [cine]: ANDRÉ HOLLAND as “Dr. Algernon Edwards”
    Wildcard: The Village [BBC]: JOHN SIMM as “John Middleton”
    Wildcard: The Village [BBC]: TOM VAREY as “Bert Middleton”
    Wildcard: The Walking Dead [AMC]: ANDREW LINCOLN as “Rick Grimes”
    Wildcard: Transparent [a]: GABY HOFFMANN as “Ali Pfefferman”
    Wildcard: UnREAL [Life]: SHIRI APPLEBY as “Rachel”
    Wildcard: Utopia [4]: ALEXANDRA ROACH as “Becky”
    Wildcard: Utopia [4]: NATHAN STEWART-JARRETT as “Ian”

» FYI, the winners of recent years:

2013/2014: Game of Thrones [HBO]: PETER DINKLAGE as “Tyrion Lannister” (male & overall)
2013/2014: Penny Dreadful [SHO]: EVA GREEN as “Vanessa Ives” (female)
2012/2013: Breaking Bad [AMC]: BRYAN CRANSTON as “Walter White” (male & overall)
2012/2013: Borgen [DR1]: BABETT KNUDSEN as “Birgitte Nyborg” (female)
2011/2012: Breaking Bad [AMC]: BRYAN CRANSTON as “Walter White” (male & overall)
2011/2012: Homeland [SHO]: CLAIRE DANES as “Carrie Mathison” (female)
2010/2011: Justified [FX]: MARGO MARTINDALE as “Mags Bennett” (female & overall)
2010/2011: The Borgias [SHO]: JEREMY IRONS as “Pope’ Rodrigo Borgia” (male)
2009/2010: Breaking Bad [AMC]: AARON PAUL as “Jesse Pinkman” (male & overall)
2009/2010: Big Love [HBO]: CHLOË SEVIGNY as “Nicolette Grant” (female)


This award honors only the art of acting,
not the written characters.

  • 01. (02.) Boardwalk Empire [HBO]: STEPHEN GRAHAM as “Al Capone”
    02. (12.) Game of Thrones [HBO]: AIDEN GILLEN as “Petyr Baelish”
    03. (04*) Boardwalk Empire [HBO]: MICHAEL KENNETH WILLIAMS as “Chalky White”
    04. (n/a) Manhattan [WGN]: MICHAEL CHERNUS as “Louis ‘Fritz’ Fedowitz”
    05. (07.) Boardwalk Empire [HBO]: MICHAEL SHANNON as “Nelson Van Alden”
    06. (16.) Ray Donovan [SHO]: EDDIE MARSAN as “Terry Donovan”
    07. (n/a) Manhattan [WGN]: JEFFERSON WHITE as Cole ‘Iowa’ Dunlavey”
    08. (n/a) Better Call Saul [AMC]: MICHAEL MCKEAN as “Chuck McGill”
    09. (n/a) Boardwalk Empire [HBO]: NOLAN LYONS as “Young Enoch Thompson”
    10. (n/a) Boardwalk Empire [HBO]: JEFFREY WRIGHT as “Valentin Narcisse”
    11. (25.) Vikings [H]: GUSTAF SKARSGÅRD as “Floki”
    12. (21.) Ray Donovan [SHO]: DASH MIHOK as “Bunchy Donovan”
    13. (n/a) The Knick [cine]: MICHAEL ANGARANO as “Dr. Bertie Chickering Jr.”
    14. (n/a) Rectify [sund]: CLAYNE CRAWFORD as “Ted Talbot Jr.”
    15. (09.) Boardwalk Empire [HBO]: SHEA WHIGHAM as “Elias ‘Eli’ Thompson”
    16. (n/a) The Knick [cine]: JEREMY BOBB as “Herman Barrow”
    17. (n/a) The Leftovers [HBO]: CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTON as “Matt Jamison”
    18. (17.) Hell on Wheels [AMC]: CHRISTOPHER HEYERDAHL as “The Swede/Thor Gundersen”
    19. (24.) Game of Thrones [HBO]: JOHN BRADLEY as “Samwell Tarly”
    20. (23.) Mad Men [AMC]: JAMES SLATTERY as “Roger Sterling”
    *Protagonist 2013/2014

    Wildcard: Arvingerne [DR1]: MIKKEL BOE FØLSGAARD as “Emil Grønnegaard”
    Wildcard: Boardwalk Empire [HBO]: VINCENT PIAZZA as “Lucky Luciano”
    Wildcard: Fortitude [SKY]: DARREN BOYD as “Markus Huseklepp”
    Wildcard: Fortitude [SKY]: MICHAEL GAMBON as “Henry”
    Wildcard: Game of Thrones [HBO]: ALFIE ALLEN as “Theon Grejoy/Reek”
    Wildcard: Game of Thrones [HBO]: CONLETH HILL as “Lord Varys”
    Wildcard: Game of Thrones [HBO]: IWAN RHEON as “Ramsay Bolton”
    Wildcard: House of Cards [FLX]: MICHAEL KELLY as “Doug Stamper”
    Wildcard: Justified [FX]: JERE BURNS as “Wynn Duffy”
    Wildcard: Justified [FX]: SAM ELLIOTT as “Avery Markham”
    Wildcard: Mad Men [AMC]: AARON STATON as “Ken Cosgrove”
    Wildcard: Manhattan [WGN]: DAVID HARBOUR as “Reed Akley”
    Wildcard: Manhattan [WGN]: RICHARD SCHIFF as “Occam”
    Wildcard: Masters of Sex [SHO]: TEDDY SEARS as “Dr. Austin Langham”
    Wildcard: The Affair [SHO]: DARREN GOLDSTEIN as “Oscar”
    Wildcard: The Affair [SHO]: JOHN DOMAN as “Bruce Butler”
    Wildcard: The Affair [SHO]: JOSHUA JACKSON as “Cole Lockhart”
    Wildcard: The Bridge U.S. [FX]: MATTHEW LILLARD as “Daniel Frye”
    Wildcard: The Bridge U.S. [FX]: THOMAS M. WRIGHT as “Steven Lindner”
    Wildcard: The Good Wife [CBS]: ALAN CUMMING as “Eli Gold”
    Wildcard: The Strain [FX]: RICHARD SAMMEL as “Thomas Eichorst”
    Wildcard: Vikings [H]: GEORGE BLAGDEN as “Athelstan”

» FYI, the winners of recent years:

2013/2014: Masters of Sex [SHO]: BEAU BRIDGES as “Barton Scully”
2012/2013: Breaking Bad [AMC]: DEAN NORRIS as “Hank Schrader”
2011/2012: Boardwalk Empire [HBO]: MICHAEL SHANNON as “Nelson Van Alden”
2010/2011: Big Love [HBO]: MATT ROSS as “Alby Grant”
2009/2010: True Blood [HBO]: NELSON ELLIS as “Lafayette Reynolds”



This award honors only the art of acting,
not the written characters.

  • 01. (03.) Game of Thrones [HBO]: LENA HEADEY as “Cersei Lannister”
    02. (w/c) The Americans [FX]: ANNET MAHENDRU as “Nina”
    03. ( | | ) Justified [FX]: KAITLYN DEVER as “Loretta”
    04. ( | | ) Boardwalk Empire [HBO]: KELLY MACDONALD as “Margaret Schroeder”
    05. (04.) Game of Thrones [HBO]: SOPHIE TURNER as “Sansa Stark”
    06. (13.) Hell on Wheels [AMC]: KASHA KROPINSKI as “Ruth”
    07. (05.) Boardwalk Empire [HBO]: GRETCHEN MOL as “Gillian Darmody”
    08. (06.) Game of Thrones [HBO]: GWENDOLINE CHRISTIE as “Brienne of Tarth”
    09. (07.) Mad Men [AMC]: CHRISTINA HENDRICKS as “Joan Harris”
    10. (12.) Mad Men [AMC]: JANUARY JONES as “Betty Francis”
    11. (n/a) Manhattan [WGN]: KATJA HERBERS as “Helen”
    12. ( | | ) Rectify [sund]: ADELAIDE CLEMENS as “Tawney Talbot”
    13. (n/a) Transparent [a]: ALEXANDRA BILLINGS as “Davina”
    14. (15.) Game of Thrones [HBO]: DIANA RIGG as “Olenna Tyrell”
    15. (16.) Penny Dreadful [SHO]: BILLIE PIPER as “Lily”
    16. (10.) Masters of Sex [SHO]: CAITLIN FITZGERALD as “Libby Masters”
    17. (n/a) Fortitude [SKY]: VERÓNICA ECHEGUI as “Elena”
    18. (n/a) The Leftovers [HBO]: CARRIE COON as “Nora Durst”
    19. (n/a) The Red Road [sund]: JULIANNE NICHOLSON as “Jean Jensen”
    20. (22.) The Walking Dead [AMC]: MELISSA MCBRIDE as “Carol”
    Wildcard: Arvingerne [DR1]: LENE MARIA CHRISTENSEN as “Solveig Riis Grønnegaard”
    Wildcard: Better Call Saul [AMC]: RHEA SEEHORN as “Kim Wexler”
    Wildcard: Downton Abbey [ITV]: JOANNE FROGGATT as “Anna Bates”
    Wildcard: Extant [CBS]: GRACE GUMMER as “Julie Gelineau”
    Wildcard: Game of Thrones [HBO]: HANNAH MURRAY as “Gilly”
    Wildcard: Game of Thrones [HBO]: NATALIE DORMER as “Margaery Tyrell”
    Wildcard: House of Cards [FLX]: MOLLY PARKER as “Jackie Sharp”
    Wildcard: Justified [FX]: JOELIE CARTER as “Ava Crowder”
    Wildcard: Mad Men [AMC]: KIERNAN SHIPKA as “Sally Draper”
    Wildcard: Marvel’s Daredevil [FLX]: DEBORAH ANN WOLL as “Karen”
    Wildcard: Parenthood [NBC]: MONICA POTTER as “Kristina Braverman”
    Wildcard: Peaky Blinders [BBC]: HELEN MCCRORY as “Aunt Polly”
    Wildcard: Rectify [sund]: J. SMITH-CAMERON as “Janet Talbot”
    Wildcard: Salem [WGN]: TAMZIN MERCHANT as “Anne Hale”
    Wildcard: Salem [WGN]: ELISE EBERLE as “Mercy”
    Wildcard: Scandal [abc]: BELLAMY YOUNG as “First Lady Mellie Grant”
    Wildcard: The Affair [SHO]: MAURA TIERNEY as “Helen Solloway”
    Wildcard: The Americans [FX]: ALISON WRIGHT as “Martha Hanson”
    Wildcard: The Knick [cine]: MAYA KAZAN as “Eleanor”
    Wildcard: The Leftovers [HBO]: ANN DOWD as “Patti”
    Wildcard: Vikings [H]: KATHERYN WINNICK as “Lagertha Lothbrok”

» FYI, the winners of recent years:

2013/2014: Breaking Bad [AMC]: ANNA GUNN as “Skyler White”
2012/2013: Breaking Bad [AMC]: ANNA GUNN as “Skyler White”
2011/2012: Boardwalk Empire [HBO]: ALEKSA PALLADINO as “Angela Darmody”
2010/2011: Justified [FX]: KAITLYN DEVER as “Loretta”
2009/2010: Sons of Anarchy [FX]: KATEY SAGAL as “Gemma Teller Morrow”



This award honors the art of writing of an unique character,
not the actor playing that character.

  • 01. (14.) Boardwalk Empire [HBO]: ENOCH ‘NUCKY’ THOMPSON
    02. (09.) Mad Men [AMC]: DON DRAPER
    03. (18.) Game of Thrones [HBO]: PETYR BAELISH
    04. (01.) Game of Thrones [HBO]: TYRION LANNISTER
    05. (04.) Masters of Sex [SHO]: DR. WILLIAM MASTER
    06. (n/a) The Knick [cine]: DR. JOHN W. THACKERY
    07. (02.) Boardwalk Empire [HBO]: CHALKY WHITE
    08. (n/a) Better Call Saul [AMC]: JIMMY MCGILL
    09. (28.) Justified [FX]: BOYD CROWDER
    10. (17.) The Americans [FX]: PHILIP JENNINGS
    11. (20.) Penny Dreadful [SHO]: THE CREATURE
    12. (n/a) Better Call Saul [AMC]: MIKE EHRMANTRAUT
    13. (w/c) The Americans [FX]: STAN BEEMAN
    14. (n/a) Manhattan [WGN]: FRANK WINTER
    15. ( | | ) Rectify [sund]: DANIEL HOLDEN
    16. (21.) Boardwalk Empire [HBO]: NELSON VAN ALDEN
    17. (12.) Boardwalk Empire [HBO]: AL CAPONE
    18. (27.) Mad Men [AMC]: ROGER STERLING
    19. (n/a) The Knick [cine]: DR. ALGERNON EDWARDS
    20. (n/a) Manhattan [WGN]: CHARLIE ISAACS
    Wildcard: Bates Motel [A&E]: NORMAN BATES
    Wildcard: Better Call Saul [AMC]: CHUCK MCGILL
    Wildcard: Black Sails [starz]: CAPTAIN FLINT
    Wildcard: Bloodline [FLX]: DANNY RAYBURN
    Wildcard: Boardwalk Empire [HBO]: ELIAS ‘ELI’ THOMPSON
    Wildcard: Boardwalk Empire [HBO]: LUCKY LUCIANO
    Wildcard: Boardwalk Empire [HBO]: VALENTIN NARCISSE
    Wildcard: Broadchurch [ITV]: DI ALEC HARDY
    Wildcard: Extant [CBS]: ETHAN WOODS
    Wildcard: Game of Thrones [HBO]: LORD VARYS
    Wildcard: Game of Thrones [HBO]: SAMWEL TARLEY
    Wildcard: Halt and Catch Fire [AMC]: GORDON CLARK
    Wildcard: Halt and Catch Fire [AMC]: JOE MACMILLAN
    Wildcard: Justified [FX]: WYNN DUFFY
    Wildcard: Mad Men [AMC]: PETE CAMPBELL
    Wildcard: Marvel’s Daredevil [FLX]: WILSON FISK
    Wildcard: Peaky Blinders [BBC]: THOMAS SHELBY
    Wildcard: Penny Dreadful [SHO]: DR. VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN
    Wildcard: Ray Donovan [SHO]: TERRY DONOVAN
    Wildcard: Rectify [sund]: TED TALBOT JR.
    Wildcard: The Affair [SHO]: NOAH SOLLOWAY
    Wildcard: The Knick [cine]: DR. BERTIE CHCKERING JR.
    Wildcard: The Leftovers [HBO]: MATT JAMISON
    Wildcard: The Village [BBC]: BERT MIDDLETON
    Wildcard: The Walking Dead [AMC]: RICK GRIMES
    Wildcard: Utopia [4]: ARBY
    Wildcard: Vikings [H]: ATHELSTAN
    Wildcard: Vikings [H]: FLOKI

» FYI, the winners of recent years:

2013/2014: Game of Thrones [HBO]: TYRION LANNISTER
2012/2013: Breaking Bad [AMC]: WALTER WHITE
2011/2012: Breaking Bad [AMC]: WALTER WHITE
2010/2011: Game of Thrones [HBO]: TYRION LANNISTER
2009/2010: Mad Men [AMC]: DON DRAPER



This award honors the art of writing of an unique character,
not the actor playing that character.

  • 01. (n/a) Transparent [a]: MAURA PFEFFERMAN
    02. (07.) Vikings [H]: LAGERTHA
    03. (14.) Penny Dreadful [SHO]: VANESSA IVES
    04. (n/a) Manhattan [WGN]: HELEN
    05. (13.) The Americans [FX]: ELIZABETH JENNINGS
    06. (01.) Masters of Sex [SHO]: VIRGINIA JOHNSON
    07. (05.) Mad Men [AMC]: PEGGY OLSON
    08. (n/a) Manhattan [WGN]: LIZA WINTER
    09. (10.) Game of Thrones [HBO]: BRIENNE OF TARTH
    10. (12.) Game of Thrones [HBO]: CERSEI LANNISTER
    11. (06.) Mad Men [AMC]: JOAN HARRIS
    12. (02.) Game of Thrones [HBO]: SANSA STARK
    13. ( | | ) The Village [BBC]: GRACE MIDDLETON
    14. (03.) Game of Thrones [HBO]: ARYA STARK
    15. (09.) Mad Men [AMC]: BETTY FRANCIS
    16. (w/c) Halt and Catch Fire [AMC]: CAMERON
    17. (23.) Halt and Catch Fire [AMC]: DONNA CLARK
    18. ( | | ) Rectify [sund]: TAWNEY TALBOT
    19. (19.) The Red Road [sund]: JEAN JENSEN
    20. (n/a) The Affair [SHO]: ALISONWildcard: Bates Motel [A&E]: NORMA BATES
    Wildcard: Boardwalk Empire [HBO]: GILLIAN DARMODY
    Wildcard: Fortitude [SKY]: ELENA
    Wildcard: Game of Thrones [HBO]: DAENERYS TARGARYEN
    Wildcard: Game of Thrones [HBO]: GILLY
    Wildcard: Game of Thrones [HBO]: MARGAERY TYRELL
    Wildcard: Game of Thrones [HBO]: OLENNA TYRELL
    Wildcard: Hell on Wheels [AMC]: RUTH
    Wildcard: House of Cards [FLX]: CLAIRE UNDERWOOD
    Wildcard: Manhattan [WGN]: ABBY ISAACS
    Wildcard: Orphan Black [BBC]: ALISON
    Wildcard: Peaky Blinders [BBC]: AUNT POLLY
    Wildcard: Penny Dreadful [SHO]: LILY
    Wildcard: The Affair [SHO]: HELEN SOLLOWAY
    Wildcard: The Americans [FX]: MARTHA
    Wildcard: The Americans [FX]: NINA
    Wildcard: The Knick [cine]: SISTER HARRIET
    Wildcard: The Leftovers [HBO]: LAURIE GARVEY
    Wildcard: UnREAL [Life]: RACHEL

» FYI, the winners of recent years:

2013/2014: Masters of Sex [SHO]: VIRGINIA JOHNSON
2012/2013: Breaking Bad [AMC]: SKYLER WHITE
2011/2012: Mad Men [AMC]: PEGGY OLSON
2010/2011: Sons of Anarchy [FX]: GEMMA TELLER MORROW
2009/2010: Mad Men [AMC]: PEGGY OLSON