2010/2011: Drama/Dramedy Winners


Best Writing in a Drama or Dramedy 2010/2011:

  • 01. Mad Men [AMC]
    02. Rubicon [AMC]
    03. Game of Thrones [HBO]
    04. Boardwalk Empire [HBO]
    05. Justified [FX]
    06. Fringe [FOX]
    07. Luther [BBC]
    08. Shameless US [SHO]
    09. The Borgias [SHO]
    10. Big Love [HBO]
    11. Sons of Anarchy [FX]
    12. Nurse Jackie [SHO]
    13. Terriers [FX]
    14. The Walking Dead [AMC]
    15. Treme [HBO]
    16. Men of a Certain Age [TNT]
    17. Misfits [E4]
    18. Call Me Fitz [HBO]
    19. The Big C [SHO]
    20. Dexter [SHO]
    Desperate Housewives [ABC]
    Downton Abbey [ITV]
    Hung [HBO]
    Lights Out [FX]
    The Chicago Code [FOX]


Who froze the blood in your veins?

Most Evil Villain in a Serial of 2010/2011:

  • 01. Game of Thrones [HBO]: Prince Joffrey Baratheon
    02. Game of Thrones [HBO]: Viserys Targaryen
    03. The Walking Dead [AMC]: various Zombies
    04. Big Love [HBO]: Alby Grant
    05. Dexter [SHO]: Jordan Chase
    06. The Borgias [SHO]: Giovanni Sforza
    07. Boardwalk Empire [HBO]: Agent Nelson Van Alden
    08. True Blood [HBO]: Russell Edgington
    09. Fringe [FOX]: Walternate
    10. Sons of Anarchy [FX]: Jimmy O’Phelan
    11. Boardwalk Empire [HBO]: Arnold Rothstein
    12. Justified [AMC]: Mags Bennett
    13. The Chicago Code [FOX]: Alderman Ronin Gibbons
    14. Rubicon [AMC]: Kale Ingram
    15. Sons of Anarchy [FX]: Agent June Stahl
    16. Weeds [SHO]: Esteban Reyes
    17. V [ABC]: Anna
    18. Game of Thrones [HBO]: Jaime Lannister
    19. Shameless US [SHO]: Frank Gallagher
    20. Spartacus [STARZ]: Ilithyia
    21. Mad Men [AMC]: Betty Draper
    22. Downton Abbey [ITV]: Mrs. O’Brien
    23. True Blood [HBO]: Eric Northman

2009-2010’s winner of Most Evil Villain:
» Dexter [SHO]: Arthur Mitchell
further ranking:
02. Big Love [HBO]: JJ
03. Breaking Bad [AMC]: Gustavo ‘Gus’ Frings
04. Justified
 [FX]: Bo Crowder
05. Lost
 [ABC]: Man in Black
06. Sons of Anarchy [FX]: Ethan Zobelle
07. Heroes [NBC]: Sylar
08. Weeds
 [SHO]: Esteban Reyes
08. True Blood [HBO]: Maryann