Rewarding its brilliance, the following television serials and series (airing at minimum partially in 2000 or later) are getting the chance to join the Serieskiller Hall of Fame.

To get into the Hall of Fame the serial or series needs to be completed, have had more than one season and needs to get a “certain” amount of votes from fans and jury.

Every year new serials/series are getting nominated for the Hall of Fame. Some, that didn’t quite make it the last years, that have been overlooked, were close to be nominated before and those that recently ended their airing on television.
That’s why the chance to get into the Hall of Fame might gets more difficult each year and only the very greatest ones are joining those ten inducted shows.
Do you miss Boardwalk Empire or Parks and Recreation? Not until 2015/2016 can they be voted into the Hall of Fame, because they air(ed) their last episodes in season 2014/2015 and therefore will get another run at the Serieskiller Awards next year (Best Drama Serial, Best Comedy and so on) before they can enter the run for the Hall of Fame.


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The Serieskiller Hall of Fame began in 2012 and these tv serials/series have been inducted:


– Oz [HBO] (since 2012)
– Rome [HBO] (since 2013)
– Six Feet Under [HBO] (since 2013)
– The Shield [FX] (since 2012)
– The Sopranos [HBO] (since 2012)
– The Wire [HBO] (since 2012)


– Becker [CBS] (since 2013)
– Cheers [NBC] (since 2012)
– Malcolm in the Middle [FOX] (since 2012)
– That ’70s Show [FOX] (since 2012)