2009/2010: Across All Genres Winners

Best Visual Design:
» Breaking Bad [AMC]

further ranking:
02. Mad Men [AMC]
03. True Blood [HBO]
04. Lost [abc]
05. Dexter [SHO]
06. Treme [HBO]
07. Misfits [E4]
08. Blue Mountain State (spike]
09. Bored to Death [HBO]
10. Curb Your Enthusiasm [HBO]
11. Heroes [NBC]
11. Community [NBC]
13. V [abc]
13. Modern Family [abc]
13. Weeds [SHO]
13. Supernatural [CW]

Best Audio Design:
» Lost [abc]

further ranking:
02. Family Guy [FOX]
03. Mad Men [AMC]
04. Breaking Bad [AMC]
05. V [abc]
06. Glee [FOX]
07. Sons of Anarchy [FX]
08. 24 [FOX]
09. Dexter [SHO]
10. Chuck [NBC]
10. Desperate Housewives [abc]
10. Supernatural [CW]

Best Opening:
» True Blood [HBO]

further ranking:
02. Dexter [SHO]
03. How to Make It in America [HBO]
04. Bored to Death [HBO]
05. Mad Men [AMC]
06. The Big Bang Theory [CBS]
07. Misfits [E4]
08. Weeds [SHO]
09. Human Target [FOX]
09. Sons of Anarchy [FX]
11. Community [NBC]
11. Big Love [HBO]
13. Californication [SHO]
14. Ugly Americans [CC]

Most Underrated Production:
» Better Off Ted [abc]

further ranking:
02. Party Down [starz]
03. Big Love [HBO]
04. Gravity [starz]
05. Bored to Death [HBO]
06. Archer [FX]
07. Nurse Jackie [SHO]
07. Justified [FX]
09. Men of a Certain Age [TNT]
09. Ugly Americans [CC]
11. Gary Unmarried [abc]
11. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia [FX]

Best One Liner:
» “Roger Sterling” in Mad Men [AMC]

further ranking:
02. “Sue Collini” in Californication [SHO]
03. “Tracy Morgan” in 30 Rock [NBC]
04. “Vince Masuka” in Dexter [SHO]
05. “Ari Gold” in Entourage [HBO]
06. “Eric Cartman” in South Park [CC]
07. “Sterling Archer” in Archer [FX]
07. “Berta” in Two and a Half Men [CBS]
07. “Rallo” in The Cleveland Show [FOX]
07. “Sue Sylvester” in Glee [FOX]
07. “Doug Wilson” in Weeds [SHO]
12. “Senor Chang” in Community [NBC]
13. “Lafayette Reynolds” in True Blood [HBO]
13. “Johnny Chase ‘Drama'” in Entourage [HBO]
13. “Veronica Palmer” in Better Off Ted [abc]
16. “Charlie Harper” in Two and a Half Men [CBS]
16. “Jake Harper” in Two and a Half Men [CBS]
16. “Roman DeBeers” in Party Down

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