2009/2010: Drama/Dramedy Winners

Best Writing in a Drama or Dramedy Serial:
» Breaking Bad [AMC] (Season 3)

further ranking:
02. Mad Men [AMC] (Season 3)
03. Lost [abc] (Season 6)
04. Dexter [SHO] (Season 4)
05. Gravity [starz] (new)
06. Justified [FX] (new)
07. Men of a Certain Age [TNT] (new)
07. FlashForward [abc] (new)

Most Evil Villain in a Drama or Dramedy Serial:
» “Arthur Mitchell” in Dexter [SHO] (Season 4)

further ranking:
02. “JJ” in Big Love [HBO] (Season 4)
03. “Gustavo ‘Gus’ Fring” in Breaking Bad [AMC] (Season 3)
04. “Bo Crowder” in Justified [FX] (new)
05. “Man in Black” in Lost [abc] (Season 6)
06. “Ethan Zobelle” in Sons of Anarchy [FX] (Season 2)
07. “Sylar” in Heroes [NBC] (Season 4)
08. “Esteban Reyes” in Weeds [SHO] (Season 5)
08. “Maryann” in True Blood [HBO] (Season 2)

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